Start the New Year Right: 4 Tips for Realistic To-Do Lists

Lists can be a powerful organizational tool. But they can also be overwhelming and bog you down. Don’t let a never-ending list ruin your life. Whether it’s your to-dos for the day or your goals for the year, professional organizer M. Colleen Klimczak, owner of Peace of Mind Professional Organizing, wants to help you turn lists into action plans that are more than words on a page.

Make a “not today” list. You’ve probably got a lot to do. Divide your list into “today” and “not today.” Focus on your “today” list and divvy up your “not today” items into other days of the week or month.

Enlist help—what can be delegated? Take a look at what you have to get done today and figure out what you can delegate to your assistant, staff, agents, family, and others.

Be real in your time estimates. If you expect a listing appointment to take an hour, estimate two hours. Unexpected events will always come up, so develop a checklist with realistic timeframes.

Do the most important activities first. Don’t leave critical items until the end of your day. Complete your most crucial tasks first, followed by the activities that are most productive to your business. Most of the time, these are synonymous.

Source: Peace of Mind Professional Organizing

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