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    • Bylaws: This committee reviews and evaluates IR bylaws. They address necessary updates to IR bylaw language and make recommendations for changes. Some changes are required by NAR. Having the most updated and pertinent language in our bylaws helps better serve and promote Idaho REALTORS®. Please expect monthly meetings, including virtual or conference calls February through August.
    • Convention: This committee will be by invitation. Individuals will be selected by the Executive Committee and staff.
    • Forms: This committee reviews IR real estate forms as well as recommendations from all Idaho REALTOR® members. The committee votes on changes or the addition of new forms to meet the needs of Idaho REALTORS®.
    • Grievance: This committee meets once a month virtually or via conference call to review any requests for arbitration or ethics complaints filed with IR. They determine whether to send the complaints to mediation and/or a professional standards ethics hearing. They do not determine whether a violation has occurred. All members must be NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration hearing panel trained to serve on this committee.
    • Legislative: This committee meets weekly during the Legislative Session to review proposed legislation and take positions on behalf of the organization.
    • Professional Standards: This committee serves as an ethics and arbitration hearing panel. They determine whether an ethical violation has occurred. All members must be NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration hearing panel trained to serve on this committee.
    • Public Policy Trustees: Oversee fundraising and expenditures from RPAC and the Legal Review and Issues Mobilization Fund.
    • Scholarship: The committee collects applications from students and awards scholarships to the top candidates to further their education beyond high school. Preference is given to students attending Idaho schools. Please expect 3-4 meetings/conference calls March through August.
    • Professional Development: Provide opportunities to members to increase their knowledge, skills, and professionalism to better serve their clients and customers. Recommend and review education topics, courses, and instructors for live instruction, online and virtual education, webinars, and designations. Promotes and fosters cooperation between statewide educational programs and designations; supports local boards’ educational programming. Each member must complete Idaho Real Estate Commission moderator training and assist in moderating and proctoring various courses throughout the year. Commitment: Meets 5-7 times a year (via phone call/virtually).
    • Budget and Finance: This Committee reviews a proposed budget from the Executive Committee to ensure that IR funds are allocated appropriately and that financial forecasting/history is considered. They meet once or twice virtually or via conference call in the summer. Preference is given to those with strong financial background and/or members of the Board of Directors.
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