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Idaho REALTORS® is seeking applications for 2020-2021 State Political Coordinators (SPC)!

There is no off-season in politics. Policy is being discussed, developed and decided every day. At the national level, IR has Federal Political Coordinators (FPC) who interact with members of our congressional delegation and advocate for members on issues important to REALTORS®.

We believe advocacy is one of the most important aspects of what we do as REALTORS®. We want to replicate the success of the FPC program at the state legislative level. Having members in the community serving as liaisons to legislators will provide a trusted voice on industry issues and continue to foster meaningful relationships  between REALTORS® and legislators.

IR State Political Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Advocating for approved policies or positions, as determined by the Idaho REALTORS®, that benefit REALTORS® and promote private property rights;
  • Meeting at least once a month with assigned legislators in your district;
  • Educating legislators in your district on issues important to REALTORS®, the real estate industry, private property and homeownership;
  • Establishing yourself as a credible and trusted resource to your legislators by becoming a local voice for REALTOR® issues;
  • Responding to ALL calls to action from NAR, Idaho REALTORS® and your local association, if applicable;
  • Attending a mandatory orientation session during Idaho REALTORS® Annual Convention (October 5-8, 2020); and
  • Attending the 2021 Idaho REALTORS® Day at the Capitol on February 4th, local legislative meetings and other legislative events.

Selection Criteria and Process

This program is open to all Idaho REALTOR® members. Thirty-five members will be selected; one for each legislative district in Idaho.

The ideal State Political Coordinator is an Idaho REALTOR® who is interested in state politics or is politically active in their community and is willing to volunteer time and energy to advance REALTOR® issues and solutions. Preference will be given to REALTORS® who have invested in RPAC for the current year.

Successful applicants will be selected by the Idaho REALTORS® Executive Committee and notified of their appointment by September 1, 2020.

IR State Political Coordinator, Phil Mount, speaks on his experience with advocating in his district.
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