NAR’s Ignite Others Initiative Focuses on Youth Financial Literacy

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is gearing up to introduce the Ignite Others initiative, set to culminate at the NAR NXT event in Anaheim, California.

2024 NAR President Tracy Kasper unveiled the Ignite Others initiative at the 2023 Leadership Summit in Chicago earlier this week. This endeavor aims to extend the message of the “Riding with the Brand” tour into tangible activities. Ignite Others will revolve around events and projects spotlighting members’ roles as mentors and community leaders. 

A cornerstone of this initiative is youth education. NAR is looking for member volunteers to help with teaching high school students about financial literacy and homeownership, with an aim to inspire future homeowners and potential real estate professionals.  To bolster REALTORS®’ financial insight, NAR will be releasing a range of resources, to help ensure that members will be able to confidently guide discussions on financial topics. Additionally, community engagement will be a major focus of the Ignite Others Inviatiate, with a call for REALTOR® associations to host events and programs to showcase their commitment to community development.

The key elements of the Ignite Others initiative include:

  1. Financial literacy: Members of NAR will be visiting local high schools to teach students about financial literacy and homeownership readiness, aiming to empower a new generation of homeowners and potential real estate professionals.
  2. Illuminating Community: REALTOR® associations will organize events to emphasize their dedication to community development and property ownership. Financial grants are available for associations to back these events.
  3. Member Financial Wellness: Resources are available to aid REALTORS® in mastering their own financial wellness, positioning them as authorities on the topic.
  4. Sustainability: NAR stresses the importance of sustainable living. The Sustainability Summit in Atlanta this September will further educate members on their roles in sustainable housing.
  5. Future Leaders: “Ignite Others” pins will be awarded to members who embody the initiative’s values, spotlighting potential leadership within the community
  6. Member Success: NAR offers tools like the REALTORS® Commitment to Excellence program to enhance customer service skills and professional growth.
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