Meet IR’s 2018 Scholarship Recipients

Colby Acuff

I enjoy being busy, I love being outside in my free time and making connections with people. I am a senior at the university of Idaho this year and was drawn to real estate because I love working with people.  I have worked with people my whole life, from playing music in the entertainment business, to door to door sales, retail, and now real estate.  I truly love this industry and have enjoyed my time in it!

Niko Icardo

My name is Niko Icardo. I am studying physics and mathematics at the University of Idaho. My passion is understanding the world around me and its hidden beautiful details. I intend to pursue this passion by entering the field as a researcher and devoting my effort to discovering what we do not know.

Max Icardo

My name is Max Icardo.  I am a sophomore attending the University of Idaho for a major in computer science.   I grew up in north Idaho, which directly fostered my love for the outdoors, especially with activities like alpine skiing, swimming, and general hiking.  Some of my other hobbies include spending time with animals, friends, playing video games, and learning new things regarding computer science.

Julia Hasenoehrl

My name is Julia Hasenoehrl and I am a Junior at the University of Idaho. I’ve been a Vandals’ fan since the day I was born and I will be until the day I die.  I am serving as an Ambassador for the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences and I also got the chance to be an Orientation Leader to welcome new freshman to the University of Idaho this year! I am majoring in Elementary Education and my emphasis is in Literacy and English as a Second Language. My dream would be to teach young children in Europe and I am so grateful for the Idaho Realtor’s Association for giving me the chance to follow my dream.

Lauryn Lanterman

Hello! My name is Lauryn Lanterman and I am a second year student at the University of Idaho! I’m currently majoring in architecture and hope to continue onto grad school for architecture here as well! I have such a strong passion for art and design and am hoping to make a career out of it one day in the form of designing buildings!

Wyatt Parish

My name is Wyatt Parish.  I am a recent graduate of Wood River High School, where I was Student Body Vice-President, a three-sport athlete, active in leadership activities and maintained a 3.4 cumulative grade point average. Born and raised in the Wood River Valley with endless outdoor opportunities, I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling.

My whole life I have worked hard and never given up when faced with life’s challenges. Raised by a single mother, doctors diagnosed me with muscular dystrophy in sixth grade, and I suffered a traumatic brain injury in eighth grade that negatively impacted my reading comprehension. The challenges and obstacles I’ve had to overcome made me stronger, smarter and make me work harder to achieve my goals.

The ultimate goal of my education is to become a Financial Advisor/Business Consultant. I am currently enrolled at Boise State and working toward a bachelor’s degree in business finance.  I plan to continue my education and get my MBA.  My brother, Braxton, and I have plans of setting-up and LLC and investing in real estate.

Helping people is a passion of mine.  Helping them invest and make money would be even more rewarding.  Becoming a Financial Advisor will make it possible to do all the things that I love, both professionally and personally.

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