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Empower the R is an exclusive member benefit for Idaho Realtors®. Each month, IR members can download IR branded content to use in your marketing campaigns. Relevant, branded content includes Facebook banners, billboard advertisements, flyers, infographics, postcards and videos. This is a free benefit.

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Want to build your brand? We can add your brand to our Empower the R content. Choose between our premium and economy monthly subscriptions.  Include your brand in monthly videos, flyers (for email and print), infographics, digital billboards and automatic Facebook postings. And, we’ll give you the first month for free when you sign up!

Choose your plan below! Have questions? Contact Melissa Gray at Idaho Realtors® at (208) 342-3585, or by email at mgray@idahorealtors.com.


IR Branded
An exclusive benefit for IR members!
Freeper month
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IR Branded
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Personalized branding options for less!
$19per month
Branded Digital
Billboards (2)
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