Your Idaho: A Stewardship Guidebook


On behalf of your 1.9 million neighbors, welcome to Idaho! Whether you are new to the Gem State or a lifelong resident, you’re part of the enduring fabric of this great state. As you probably already know, Idaho is a special place that is rich in natural resources with a landscape as diverse as anywhere on earth. From the timbered forests and pristine lakes of the north, to Central Idaho’s jagged peaks, to the wide-open vistas of the Snake River Plain, to the vibrant cities and high-desert geography of the south, Idaho has it all.

A tradition of caring for Idaho started over ten thousand years ago with the Indigenous people that hunted and gathered throughout the state. Idaho later attracted generations of explorers, settlers, fur traders, missionaries and miners who sought to stake their claim in this exciting territory. Today, the lure of Idaho’s beauty, opportunity, and natural splendor prove to be more irresistible than ever. As people discover Idaho and the population burgeons, Idaho REALTORS® invites our new and existing community members to continue in the Idaho tradition of stewarding the land, water, and wildlife while being a good neighbor to their fellow Idahoans.

Idaho REALTORS® is the largest trade organization in the state, and its members are in front of either a buyer or seller in nearly every real estate transaction that occurs. REALTORS® adhere to a Code of Ethics which “…supports the highest and best use of land and distribution of land ownership, the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and preserving a healthful environment.”

The first sentence to the preamble to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is: Under all is the land.

We believe that to know Idaho is to love Idaho. In our love for the state, we realize it’s up to each of us to care for, support, and protect what we appreciate most about Idaho. Thank you for joining us on a discovery of understanding the privilege and responsibility that comes with being an Idahoan and owning land in the Gem State. Welcome!

Why Did We Create This Guidebook?

As Idaho’s population continues to increase, Idaho REALTORS® recognized an opportunity to welcome and inform our neighbors about how we can make a positive difference in the common goal of keeping Idaho clean, beautiful, and plentiful.

We created Your Idaho: A Stewardship Guidebook with the goal of providing a visually appealing introduction to property owners that is informative, creates a sense of community, and plants the seeds of conservancy for a land we love and cherish.

Idaho REALTORS® care about the people and communities we serve and understand that with our role as ambassadors to new residents comes the responsibility to promote good stewardship for the future of Idaho. We invite all to become involved in this worthwhile mission.


Denise Lundy

Idaho REALTORS® 2023 President

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