IR 2020 Primary Campaign Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by the IR Public Policy & Trustee Committee for the 2020 Primary Election Cycle. 

NOTE: The Committee decided to endorse some candidates even though no primary campaign opponent had filed.

District 1 Position B: Representative Sage Dixon

District 2 Position B: Doug Okuniewicz

District 3 Senate: Peter Riggs

District 4 Position A: Representative Jim Addis

District 5 Senate: Senator David Nelson

District 6 Position A: Representative Thyra Stevenson

District 8 Senate: Senator Steven Thayn

District 8 Position A: Representative Terry Gestrin

District 9 Position A: Representative Ryan Kerby

District 10 Senate: Senator Jim Rice

District 11 Senate: Senator Patti Anne Lodge

District 11 Position A: Representative Scott Syme

District 11 Position B: Kirk Adams

District 12 Senate: Senator Todd Lakey

District 12 Position B: Representative Rick Youngblood

District 14 Senate: Senator C. Scott Grow

District 14 Position B: Representative Gayann DeMordaunt

District 15 Senate: Senator Fred Martin

District 18 Position A: Representative Ilana Rubel

District 20 Senate: Senator Chuck Winder

District 20 Position A: Representative Joe Palmer

District 20 Position B: Representative James Holtzclaw

District 22 Senate: Senator Lori Den Hartog

District 22 Position A: Representative John Vander Woude

District 22 Position B: Representative Jason Monks

District 23 Senate: Brenda Richards

District 23 Position A: Matthew Bundy

District 23 Position B: Representative Megan Blanksma

District 29 Position A: Dustin Manwaring

District 30 Senate: Kevin Cook

District 32 Position B: Dave Radford

District 33 Senate: Senator Dave Lent

District 33 Position B: Marco Erickson

District 34 Senate: Representative Doug Ricks

District 34 Position A: Jon Weber

District 34 Position B: Representative Britt Raybould

District 35 Senate: Senator Van Burtenshaw

District 35 Position A: Representative Jerald Raymond

District 35 Position B: Representative Rod Furniss

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