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Welcome to Idaho REALTORS® Political Action Committee.  This site is designed to offer you the ability to invest in your career and your industry, stay informed regarding issues that directly affect your bottom line and your clients, and learn how RPAC is working to save you money each year.  We need your help!  Please stay informed, involved and remember to give your $30 fair share to Idaho RPAC so that we can continue our efforts!

Why Support RPAC?

  • Protect private property rights
  • Reduce unnecessary regulations and government intrusion
  • Ensure a fair tax code
  • Protect the American Dream of Home Ownership

Become a Major Investor

It is vitally important that REALTORS® be politically active: to take on the responsibility of protecting the values and rights we hold dear. If not REALTORS®, then who? No one knows a community better than a REALTOR®. It would be difficult to believe that a local no-growth group would represent your real estate business interests, or that those employed by the local government know best how much and where to spend the tax dollar better than you do. REALTORS® are the experts on their communities. REALTORS® know the lay of the land, the families, the best schools, the neighborhoods, and the leaders. With REALTORS® in virtually every community in the nation, you are in a strong position to be on the front line as either a proponent or a defender.

Failure to be involved politically can and likely will result in someone else filling the vacuum left by you. That may sound okay at first; because we are sure someone else will do the job and see things as we do. That is until one discovers that the voices being heard may be contrary to wise business planning and a threat to property owners and their rights. If you as a REALTOR® do not speak out, get involved, and help shape your community, someone else will. It is a good bet that they won’t be supportive of your position.

On the national level, we give our money to those in Congress who both understand and support REALTOR® issues. We look to build the future by putting RPAC dollars in places that will help advance the interests of Real Estate professionals. RPAC is the only political group in the country organized for REALTORS®, run by REALTORS® and exists solely to further issues important to REALTORS®.


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