2023 Idaho REALTORS® Elections

IR is seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:


  • First Vice President;
  • South District Vice President;
  • West District Vice President; and
  • Two Allocated NAR Directors

The enclosed Election Packet includes an election timeline, candidate application(s), and a full description of the duties and obligations for each available position.

To apply as a candidate, the following must be returned by email to no later than 5 PM MT on the assigned deadlines.

All submissions must be typed. No late applications will be accepted.
Please include the following in your email:

  1. Signed & dated candidate application;
  2. Signed & dated NAR Application (if applicable)
  3. Nomination Letter (from your local association)
  4. A high-resolution, color digital headshot of yourself.

You will receive a response by email letting you know if your application is complete. An incomplete application does NOT extend the deadline for any reason. Please feel free to contact the CEO if you have any questions.

Open Positions & Electorate

2024 Positions

  • First Vice President (President 1/1/2026)
  • South District Vice President (term 1/1/2024-12/31/2025)
  • West District Vice President (term 1/1/2024-12/31/2025)
  • NAR Director (State Allocated) (term 12/1/2023-11/30/2026)
  • NAR Director (State Allocated) (term 12/1/2023-11/30/2026)


  • The First Vice President will be elected from eligible candidates by the Board of Directors only. The First Vice President automatically advances to President Elect the next year and President the following year.
  • District Vice Presidents will be elected from eligible candidates by the members of their district only, online and at the general membership meeting, to serve a 2-year term.
  • NAR Director (State Allocated) will be elected from eligible candidates by Idaho REALTOR® members. The election will be conducted online in accordance with the timeframes and deadlines set forth by the Executive Committee in this election guideline. A person elected to this position shall serve a 3-year term.

Important Election Dates
June 5
: IR provides notification of open positions.

July 3: ONLY for an incumbent District Vice President who elects to run for the position of First Vice President during his/her term, such person shall serve notice of their intention which shall be received on or before July 3rd during the year in which the election shall be held.

July 17: Applications from candidates and official nominations from local associations for individuals seeking office must be received by the IR office no later than 5 PM MDT.

August 7: IR will publish official notice of all candidates and positions. “Official Notice” shall mean direct mail or electronic means to every member, printed notice in IR publications, on the IR website, or distribution to the local Board/Associations.

August 14: Any additional members seeking to have their names placed on the official ballots must submit a written petition signed by at least 25 members to the IR office by 5 PM MDT and eligibility will be verified.

August 21: If any additional candidates are eligible for the ballot (based on petition procedures outlined in the bylaws), their candidacy must be noticed by IR to the membership through direct mail or electronic means, printed notice in IR publications, on the IR website, or distribution to the local Board/Associations.

August 25: Absentee / online voting for the office of District Vice President and NAR Directors will open and be collected electronically. Each REALTOR® member will be required to enter identification information, as determined by IR, in order to place their individual vote.

September 4: Candidate(s) written responses to the First Vice President questionnaire due by 5 PM MDT.

September 4: Official absentee / online voting for District Vice Presidents and NAR Directors will close at 5:00 PM MDT. Results of the NAR Director election announced by September 8th.

October 13: In-person voting for First Vice President and DVPs is held during General Membership/Board of Directors Meetings.

December 1: NAR Directors take office.

January 1: Effective date for all other IR elected officers to take office.

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