The Equifax Data Breach: IR Members Can Get Protection

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The Equifax breach is a stark reminder that forces beyond your control can lead to the exposure of your personal information. It’s also an important reminder that everyone needs identity theft protection. Every year 10 million Americans have their identity stolen.

What Can You Do?

IR members now have access to IDShield, a new member benefit! IDShield understands how stressful data breaches are and they are here to help. As an IR member, you have access to IDShield’s dedicated and experienced licensed private investigators to ask questions and get help if you have concerns about identity fraud. Members also have proactive credit monitoring through Experian and will be alerted if there are any changes to their credit report. Here are steps you can take to provide an extra layer of security:

Set Up a Fraud Alert

Members should first set up a fraud alert with one of the main bureaus. This reduces the chance of a fraudster opening a credit or loan account in your name. If you place the alert with one bureau, they will ensure it’s placed on the other bureaus as well. Fraud alerts last for 90 days, but can be renewed.

Be Diligent with Your Information

Don’t give out your personal information if it sounds fishy. IDShield members, if you’re unsure,
this is a great time to call your licensed private investigator for advice!

Change Your Passwords

You should change your passwords, especially for online banking and other finance accounts. This will reduce the risk of thieves moving your money or assets fraudulently. IDShield Members, as you change your password, use your IDShield Vault password manager to generate a new strong password!

Get Protection Through IDShield

Download the IDShield Vault Flyer

If you don’t have IDShield yet, this is a great time to sign up for comprehensive identity protection with full service, white-glove restoration. To become a member of IDShield, simply enroll online. No waiting for days to get the partial coverage that is offered by Equifax. Your IDShield enrollment gives you live support 24/7/365. You also get instant access with the IDShield mobile app, complete restoration by a Krill licensed private investigator and the $5 million service guarantee! Your IDShield protection is $8.45/month for individuals and $15.95/month for family coverage (family of 10).

IDShield monitors all five areas of identity theft – Credit, social security, medical, driver license, criminal, and minor children plus retail credit cards and social media. Included at no additional cost is the VAULT, a password management which reduces the risk of theft using military-grade encryption and an easy to use browser app.

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Phone: 208.724.8477

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