Idaho REALTORS® Works with Imagine Idaho to Expand Broadband Access

Lets Get Connected!

Idaho REALTORS® is excited to work with Imagine Idaho on its campaign to test Idaho’s broadband capacity and secure funding to expand broadband coverage. Once-in-a-generation federal grant funding for broadband infrastructure buildout is upon us, and Idaho stands to receive up to $1 BILLION to connect unserved and underserved Idahoans. However, this relies on having accurate data about Idaho’s broadband to be awarded this significant funding. In the weeks ahead Imagine Idaho will need the help of all IR members!

Imagine Idaho is conducting an internet speed-testing campaign to gather household and local

business speed, access, and cost data to demonstrate Idaho’s broadband needs. Your participation

and promotion of Imagine Idaho’s speed-testing campaign to your friends, families, colleagues and communities will improve the quality of life for thousands of Idahoans. It can change how all Idahoans

learn, visit our doctors, and more from the comfort of our homes. Please visit to complete a speed test. Imagine Idaho asks that it only be

completed from a laptop or desktop computer connected to your in-home internet service.

Will your Information be Protected? 

 Yes! All information collected is confidential and will include your location, service provider,

upload and download speeds, and the cost of service.

Contact Imagine Idaho

Please contact Christina Culver at or Tucker Craig

at to learn more about how you can get involved. They need all the

support we can get to make this vision a reality for Idaho.

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