COVID-19 Idaho REALTOR® Updates

New Stage 2 Updates from Governor Little

Update from Idaho Housing & Finance Association
The deadline for Idahoans to apply for short-term rent or utility assistance through the Housing Preservation Program is 5 p.m., Friday, Dec. 11.

To apply, renters are encouraged to go to or call 1-855-452-0801.
Because of funding limitations and to allow time for processing, the Housing Preservation Program can only accept applications requesting help for rent and utilities costs incurred for Dec. 30, 2020 or earlier.

The program is available only to renters who have been affected by COVID-19 circumstances. To be eligible, applicants must earn less than 80% of the Area Median of Income, must be Idaho residents and must have at least one member of the household legally eligible to reside in the United States. Those receiving a federal housing subsidy are not eligible. Additional details are available at

Any approved payments are made directly to landlords or utility companies. Property owners, managers and advocates can submit requests on a renter’s behalf.

Other resources are still available for Idahoans experiencing a housing crisis. Please go to for a list of resources and providers in your area.

REALTOR® Safety Tips & Resources

In response to the Coronavirus, Idaho REALTORS® is focused on the health and safety of our members, their families, clients and communities. We want to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information as this situation unfolds. To that end, we want to share the following with you (below): general information from the CDC on the Coronavirus; industry specific information for REALTORS® from NAR; and websites where this and other important information can be found.  

Top 3 Resources for Updates

Click HERE – Novel Coronavirus

Click HERE – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Click HERE – National Association of REALTORS® Guide

Resources for Members

Idaho REALTORS® has developed a new RE-19 Addendum and updated its Buyer and Seller Representation Agreements to assist with unique circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review and click here: Idaho REALTORS® Instructional Forms Videos for how and when to use the addendum and updated RE-14 and RE-16 forms before accessing the documents.

Access the new RE-19 Addendum and updated Buyer and Seller Representation Agreements through our form vendors: Form Simplicity and Instanet.

Click HERE for the new RE-19A COVID Release. The form is available in Form Simplicity and Instanet. Please review and click here: Idaho REALTORS® Instructional Forms Videos for how and when to use the RE-19A COVID Release.

NAR Programs & Guidance for REALTORS®

NAR REALTOR® Benefits Program:

NAR Aid and Relief Security Act:

NAR Guide for associations:

NAR Guide for REALTORS®:

Resources for Brokers

Essential Services Letter Disclaimer

The language provided herein is provided as a courtesy to brokers.  Due to the fact that the COVID-19 situation is constantly changing, no one other than the broker can make the determination and interpretation as to what is appropriate under any certain circumstance.  Use of this language cannot be recommended or determined on a state or local level.  Brokers should review all courtesy language provided and, in consultation with of their trusted professionals (legal counsel, accountants, insurers, etc…)  make a determination of which language, if any, is appropriate to use in their practice and/or in their client’s transactions.  Brokers should consider all state, county and city orders, rules and laws.  Any individual using the language provided assumes all liability for said use. 

Click HERE – Essential Service Letter Template

Broker Sample Preparedness Plan

NAR has provided the following resource for brokers to use in their offices in response to COVID-19.

Resources for Property Owners

The following resources provide property owners with assistance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Click HERE – Protect Your Investment: A Guide for at Risk Homeowners

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