Ned Burns

Ned Burns
South District Vice President

Ned Burns was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho. He attended the University of Montana, and from 1996-1999, and after school headed for the Wood River Valley. He has lived in Bellevue since 2001 and is currently on city council and is also running for Mayor this election. Ned lives with his wife, Sara and their trusty black pug, Roscoe.

Ned worked in the hospitality industry for the majority of his time prior to Real Estate. He managed many bars and restaurants from Ketchum to Bellevue. In 2015, he decided to go to Idaho Real Estate School after some consultation with trusted family advisors. Their response was incredulity wondering what took him so long to come to this industry. After being in the industry for only 6 months, he was asked by the incoming president to run for a Director’s seat on his local board. He was lured into it under false premises of planning golf tournaments, parties and having a blast. That first year turned into quite the learning experience due to an issue with a local form. He was quickly hooked on the experience of working for the collective good of his membership.

He is incoming president of his Board, is on the state legislative affairs committee, and is passionate in his service to those responsibilities. Ned would very much like to see the legislature pass a homebuyers savings account bill this session, and is also trying to figure out how to make a homeowners exemption available anytime in the year, not just prior to April 15th.

If elected to the position of District Vice President, Ned would like to continue on legislative affairs, and hopefully be able to work on forms as well, as that’s where he really cut his teeth in local leadership. Ned is honored to even be considered for such a position, and would work very hard to ensure a thriving Real Estate industry both in the South District, and statewide.

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